Son: “Dad, what’s an alcoholic?”Dad: “Do you see those four trees? Well, an alcoholic would see eight.”
Son: “But Dad, I only see two.”

Kindness, rising above your views

Rising above your views. 

It’s impoartant to remember during election time that we all see the world differently. We have our own needs, wants and priorities. This will make us lean towards a party that can support these. However they can, if we let them, become divisive and seperate us. They can even turn us against each other. 

It’s worth remembering the things we share and in particular the values.  The things we have in common such as democracy, freedom, liberty, tolerance, the rule of law, freedom of speech, diversity, religious choice and most of all tolerance. 

Happy Election Day, whatever the outcome it’s a day to celebrate not comiserate.


How do they do it? The cheery people in Starbucks in the morning at 6.15. Happy smiling faces and a big warm welcome with a cup of coffee. Everyone of them are immigrants. I don’t like they way that some people in this country regard and treat them. It’s unkind.