Kindness – you can save a life

The Samaritan’s (a helpline for people in distress), are receiving a record number of calls due to Covid. People that have lost their jobs, no money, suffering illness, isolation and bereavement.

We can all do something to help others. Just ask the question twice. 1. “Hey, how are you?” 2. “Hey hows things with you, I must say I’ve had a difficult time.”

Who knows, they may just open up and that one conversation could, quite literally, save a life.

Kindness – we need to let it go and move on

I notice in the news that a number of English cricketers are being investigated and suspended for what is considered racist abuse posted on line many years ago.

From the tweets I’ve seen they certainly aren’t;t acceptable in todays environment but in the day they would have been considered mainstream humour.

All the perpetrators have genuinely apologised.

It concerns me because most of us grew up in cultures which by todays standards are unacceptable. Even some of todays acceptable words and phrases in 10 years time will be deemed unacceptable.

We need to move on from past indiscretions, recognise they happened and then let them go. If we don’t it will only create an environment of fear.


I was arrested yesterday after neighbours complained about me playing Engelbert Humperdinck records all night.

Police released me, let me go.

Kindness – Prisons need reform

I watched a TV drama last night called ‘Time’ about two men in the prison system. One who had killed someone whilst drink driving and the other a prison officer who ends up being caught up in corruption. Both made the choices to do what they had done. The story makes it very clear that the decisions where wrong but understandable and almost inevitable.

What a cruel life they lived. Not a pleasant drama to watch. Disturbing and thought provoking.

Kindness – scorpions sting, avoid them

I saw one fo the perpetrators of my gaslighting over the weekend. It didn’t;pt bother me and I stopped to say hello. I did however, have to remind myself of the things that had been said and done by them to deter myself from getting too close to them.

A warning not to jump into the scorpions sand pit again