Kindness. A rant :(

Dear Cleric Despicable, cruel, evil, words are futile in describing what you have done. You brainwashed a young person into slaughtering children..yes children. Do you have children of your own? I thought so, then how could you let them grow up in a world of intolerance and hate?

Tell me and show me where in the Koran does it order you to go a kill young, innocent children? I didn’t think you could.

If you are not explicitly and tangibly seeking out and discouraging such ideology then you are complicit and will be held to account. You have enjoyed the freedoms and benefits that a democracy allows for far to long and these must be removed from you. You have abused and murdered children.
Let me remind you of the damage you cause to your faith. Muslims across the world condemn what you do, but they are the ones who now suffer discrimination, abuse, and racial attacks. You have caused the suffering of your own people. They hate you for it.

You made many of my muslim friends feel sick and disappointed you could do such things in the name or their faith. They have become doubters, ashamed of their God. 

Please don’t ever think that you can defeat us, if you do then you are as deluded as those you send to do your killing. You are the real coward. 
Every time you do this you remind us that we value and cherish our freedoms and our way of life.

If I see you dear Cleric, I will ask you what you have done to defeat terrorism today and if you cannot answer this then you are guilty of perpetrating terrorism. You have the power to create good in the world, to convince your congregations that acts of love and kindness have more influence and power than killing. Now is your time to use your power for good.


One thought on “Kindness. A rant :(

  1. It is a sad time when the words and actions of a few ‘respected’ ones can cause grief worldwide. We should not let them allow our views of Muslims worldwide to be coloured. They are not all bad. You know that. I know that. But sadly, that is the view of many nowadays… But for the ones who thing that killing innocents is a deed to be rewards… they are just twisted…

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