It’s amazing how quickly people responded to the attack yesterday. The tubes got busy stations were closed. No one complained. We just got on with life as we did today. I wrote a little message to the terrorist. More of an old man rant. It has a point throuhgh, you’ll never defeat our freedom.

Dear terrorists

Your vain and self interested attempt for your cause was just lost yesterday. You murdered people in the name of yourself only. Let me remind you of a few things.

London has survived for hundreds of years based on democracy, free will and most importantly its cultural diversity. The people you murdered were from around the world but loved this place because they can be who they want to be. You will never stop that because they will not be who you want them to be. 

They can trade, debate the society they want, worship a God of their choosing. They have little regard for gender but love a person for who they are. They love justice, the rule or law and freedom to speak they can be lesbian, gay or transgender. They can be free. 

But remember this. We value it and we have the might and brilliance of our intelligence services, our police and our army. We will hunt you down and find you. We will hold you to account and you will pay a price. In ten years you will not exist and be an irrelevance. You will be regarded as the Stalins, the Hitler’s and the evil that came into our world. That is the legacy you have. Think twice before you act. You will never ever defeat our great city. 


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