Kindness, cards at Christmas

Ok let me push the envelope, be critical of something that is done in the name of charity. Christmas cards. A lot of people over the years have said that they no longer give Christmas cards because they donate to charity, but do they..really! I have no doubt that some do, but many don’t. I for example send my family cards but no one at work, on the basis that they think I’m giving the money I save to charity. I raise and give money to charity anyway, but do I take an extra £30 and put it in the box to compensate for the cards I never bought, no I dont! The other side to this of course is, that people actually like receiving cards and you’re depriving them of that pleasure. 

Go on buy some cards or any least make sure you’re putting some money in the charity pot. 

Sorry a bit of a man rant this morning a man just  parked his car on a zebra crossing to get some money from the bank and nearly caused me to crash my car. 


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