Kindness, please stay, we love you :)

I feel we’ve let Europe down and I know that a lot of immigrants now feel unsafe and unwanted in the UK. As a remainer, I too feel at odds with the UK and wonder if it’s the right place to be for me and my family. 

All I can say is that the leave voters I know, voted out of fear, out of the concern that their values were being eroded, that the public services were being overloaded. Sadly none of theses things were true. Our value of tolerance and diversity played out on a global level and made us the envy of the world. Our public services were overloaded because of cuts and an inability to keep up. For every immigrant out there there are as many if not more UK citizens that feel as you do. You are not alone and in my view you’re more welcome than ever. Please stay, we love you, appreciate the creativity you bring, the warmth and diversity you offer. We want you here and need you more than ever.


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