Kindness, sadness and grieving is normal but sometimes it can lead to severe illness

Sadness and grieving is a normal emotion. The struggles in the mind, the roller coaster of feelings and eventual light at the end of a tunnel. It’s good for the soul. It makes you compassionate, understanding of others and encourages you to reach out to people when they feel the same.

Don’t forget there are those who don’t come out of the tunnel. They get stuck inside internal battles with distorted emotions. It’s like a maze in the dark. One that has poison thorns which slice and cut you at every turn. Never sleeping, never resting just going further in and getting lost and never knowing if you’ll ever get out. Please don’t forget those people.

Kindness, feelings just let them be.

My dog passed away two days ago now. I feel empty. It’s almost like living in a glass bubble. You can see and hear everything going on around you but you aren’t part of it. At this point I don’t want to move out of the glass bubble. My mind struggles with wanting to remember everything and eradicating every memory because sometimes it hurts..a lot. It’s almost ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’.

At this stage what I don’t want is any advice or people to question my feelings. I just want to let them be. They (my feelings) will work themselves out.

Kindness. RIP Little Bill

I’m so sad today. Little Bill passed away. I never thought that someone so little could provide so much happiness.

I feel so empty,sad, lost, confused and angry that a little being came along and was taken away.

I’m more upset than when my father died. Little bill lasted only 12 months but gave a hundred years of happiness.

Love you Bill and always will 😦