Kindness, cruel words are a moment in time.

Sometimes you get stuck in the weeds. Words that people say can be terrible.They are only a thought expressed at a moment in time and will never be the whole picture but we regard them as such. We regard them as ‘their’ definitive judgment on ‘you’. It’s what they always thought and will always think. But it isn’t. It is a connection in their mind that was expressed because of lots of reasons; they felt backed into a corner, ignorance, pandering their own ego in being better than others, carelessness or defensiveness.

The things is, we also have those thoughts, we may or may not have expressed them. There for the grace of god go I. We are no better or no worse, we probably just didn’t act on that destructive weed and lost sight of the wonderful forest we live in.


Life can be tough sometimes. In fact as I get older, it seems to tougher. Those dreams of working less hours, less pressure at work and spending more time chilling are just elusive and they were perhaps just dreams. I try to remember we all come in to work to do our best. Why would we do otherwise. And, apart from the occasional knob head we all have to deal with people are generally kind, gracious and want to help. It goes a long long way to making our days better.