Kindness – the science off doing good

Do good for others! When we help others and increase altruistic behavior, we are doing good for ourselves. There is a LOT of evidence about the science of doing good and why it benefits our own health. Make sure that while you’re taking care of yourself, you’re doing what you can to support others.


A sales guy rings the doorbell on a house, and the door is opened by a 12 year old, holding a glass of cognac and smoking a cigar

The sales asks, “Is your dad home?”

The kid replies, “What do you think?”


Trust in God

Trust plays an important part in our lives,. Without it paranoia will manifest itself and the joy of life sapped. With too much we leave ourselves open to hurt. Maybe that is why God is so popular. Instead of trusting people, we trust that things will be OK and leave it at the mercy of a higher being.