Kindness, mental illness

Today I saw a man start talking to another guy in the queue. It transpired that one of the guys had a mental illness and was looking for a job in accounts (he also had an economics degree). The other guy wouldn’t let him go until he got his name and address and promised to contact him.
This was good on so many levels.

The first guy being open about mental illness. That’s very courageous on this judgmental world

The second guy being very supportive and engaging the guy when most people would have turned away

The second guy actually wanting to help a stranger

I don’t know who they are but I love them. They made my day

Kindness, Hurt people, hurt people

Attachement causes upset, it’s the way of the western world. I met some people yersterday who explain about their friend who had become very angry and bitter towards people. The irony is that they become bitter towards the people they poved because tyhey felt they didn’t get the love they wanted. The bitterness only pushed the people they loved further away. Sometimes intuition and responding the way your thoughts and feelings suggest isn’t the way to solve problems. Life really can be cruel and crueler still.