kindness, compassion day 25

Today is all about actions you take.
1. Avoiding those hurtful comments that you make
2. Ensuring you make comments that can build and inspire people
3. being kind to yourself and ensuring you take time out to change your thinking patterns if they hurt you.

Here’s the rub!
Those hurtful comments have made me the compassionate person I am, understanding how cruel people can be and thinking about their reason for suffering. If someone hurst you it can now encourage you to think hard about the suffering they may be going through and the hopelessness of anger and hate.
Changing your thinking…it’s a little like will power, it can be like flogging a dead battery.

But I guess for your own peace of mind….options 1,2 and 3 sound a pretty good idea to me.

Kindness, compassion day 13, true empathy

Today I start developing true empathy. This isn’t easy, you have to believe that you have the capacity to do all the wrongs that could ever be done, that no misdeed should be misjudged, that there is no right or wrong just acts that have taken place under the guidance of the human condition. Nothing should be out of reach, murderers, sex offenders, corupters, those who willingly lie and cause damage without remorse. They are all part of the human race and there for the grace of god go I, but here’s the rub, what if for the grace of god I didnt, isn’t that a different view point all together.

Kindness, compassion day 24, suffering is everywhere.

I spoke to someone who on the face of it was a very happy person. They weren’t. They are very very sad and unhappy. To eradicate with words of kindness, feels impossible, sometimes all you can do is just get on with people and survive the day. The grace of god may bring you peace and happiness but I think sometimes it’s just out of your hands. You can play a part in the grace of god, by listening, supporting and just being there. There are too many arrogant people out there who regard unhappiness as self inflicted self pity….it isn’t.