Kindness has awkward moments

I have a cat, it broke its leg about 2 years ago and as a result the leg is quite crooked. Yesterday my new neighbour found the cat sitting under her car and thought it had been knocked down by a another car. She took it to the vet and then called to me and asked if I knew anyone that owned a cat. Yes it was mine! She then said it had been hit by a car. I said no it already had the crooked leg, ‘oops’ she said ‘can you pay for the vet bill then, I took it to get it checked out’. Her act of kindness just cost me £55. Yikes!!!

kindness, St Vincent

I just watched St Vincent. A hugely funny movie with Bill Murray. He’s an alcoholic, smokes, rude to people, but underneath it all he does incredible acts of kindness and without any personal gain. Only proving that even rude obnoxious people bring joy to the world. Interestingly what he does bring is absolute honesty, what you see is what you get.